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If you’re a fan of Afrobull art, you’ve probably heard of TikTok, a popular video sharing app. Afrobull artists and their artworks are often featured in TikTok videos. If you want to see more Afrobull art and videos, check out the TikTok page for more information. You can also find popular Afrobull content creators. Here’s a list of some of their videos.


The Afrobull PokeClown is a dual-type Strawberry/Vanilla Pokemon. It is owned by the Clown Adder and has no knowledge of Strawberry-type moves. In this article we’ll explore its characteristics and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. This article will be updated with more information about Afrobull. Here’s what you should know about the Afrobull‘s moves and stats.


The Afrobull is a dual-type Strawberry/Vanilla PokeClown owned by Clown Adder. It lacks the speed needed to sweep Pokémon, but is surprisingly powerful. The full-stack Evs are meant to outspeed Druddigon outside of Trick Room battles. However, you will need to use a special move like Spdef to get the most out of your Afrobull.


An Afrobull is a dual-type Vanilla/Strawberry PokeClown that belongs to the Clown Adder. However, unlike Strawberry-type Pokemon, it does not learn any Strawberry-type moves. It is important to consider the IVs of Afrobull when selecting a new breed for your team. Here are some of the most effective IVs to consider for Afrobull:

To determine your Afrobull‘s IVs, you must first know its Hidden Power. It will give you its power in the form of Effort Points. To do this, use the IV calculator. You can also use this calculator to find your Afrobull‘s IVs. It will give you a number between 0 and 31. Remember that it is not the same as the game’s equation, but it will give you the closest value to level 50. To do this, you will need to know how many Effort Points you have in the game and how many IVs it has.


The patrons of Afrobull are very important for the organization’s success. Without their support, the organization would not have been able to produce a high-quality comic. The comic covers are created by @gats and every page is in high-quality resolution. All thirty-one pages, the cover, and any textless versions are also included in the comic. The comic is available to patrons who pledged at least $1.


kenny omega

Tyson Smith, better known as Kenny Omega, is a Canadian professional wrestler. He is currently the executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling and also performs for the company. Omega is a former World Tag Team Champion and former AEW World Champion. His entrance theme and character are detailed in this article. It will also discuss his relationship with Cody and his infamous finishing move. We hope you enjoy this Kenny Omega biography!


The music behind Kenny Omega‘s entrance theme at Wrestle Kingdom 13 is called Duel of Determination. This song was performed by GaMetal. This is one of the many reasons why the theme is a popular choice for this star. It is not surprising that the song has received a lot of attention. However, it is not the only song used by Kenny Omega. This is only one example of many that have incorporated this theme into their match.


When it comes to wrestling music, the entrance theme is an essential part of the match. It cements the wrestler’s place in the culture and moves beyond the nostalgic themes to reflect the present time. The song is also catchier than one would normally think, and it is just right for Kenny Omega. In addition, fans can get a little bit of background information about each star’s character from their theme song.


The original NJPW theme was “Devil’s Sky.” However, it has since been replaced with a new song called “Battle Cry” by Little V Mills. The song has become an instant hit with fans and is the most popular AEW theme on Spotify with over three million plays. Omega’s entrance theme is one of the most popular on the site and is sure to get the crowd hyped up for his matches.

As a Canadian superstar, Kenny Omega has been featured on many television programs and websites. His main rival, Shibata, is a former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. The match is his first ever US title. In addition, he is the first ever gaijin to win the G1 Climax tournament. Unlike many of his predecessors, he has a unique entrance theme that distinguishes him from other wrestlers in the company.

One of the most interesting aspects of Kenny Omega is his unusual sexuality. While he has made references to being bisexual, he has not come out as such. When asked in an interview, Kenny Omega stated that he would like to date a man, but then asked his interviewer, “Would it be a woman or a guy?” He then clarified his answer to “woman.”

Aside from his character, Kenny Omega is a comic relief. He is known for his ability to be amusing, as he often does in interviews. He used to be the leader of the mostly gaijin heel stable Bullet Club, but has since mostly ditched that look in favor of a more casual and comfortable ensemble. He has a sense of humor, and is often referred to as the “confusion fu” character in the interviews.

His personality is based on a fear of living up to his past, and it has led to a twisted version of Omega. His personality is heavily influenced by video games and Japanese culture, and his personality reflects both. This is reflected in his trademark poses, anime-style speech, and sense of humor. His presence in a ring has a rejuvenating effect, as he connects well with modern audiences. In addition to his wacky and humorous nature, Omega’s unwavering confidence also makes him a compelling character.

The character has a bisexuality, but his relationship with Kota Ibushi is far more complicated than it looks. The newest development in his love life involves a romance with Kota Ibushi, a Japanese woman that Kenny adores. He has a long-standing relationship with Kota, but their relationship is a love triangle if he rekindles his sexuality.

Kenny Omega‘s One-Winged Angel is a gruesome finishing move. The move is so painful that it has been deemed too brutal for a few wrestlers. However, Omega’s character Crossing into Badass Boast has received praise, but negative reactions. It was also named as the Worst Major Wrestling Show of the Year. In addition, Omega did not have much experience working 60 minutes in a main event match.

Despite the name, the finisher is a hybrid of Kenny’s V-Trigger and Hangman’s Buckshot Lariat. Unlike many finishing moves, the V-Trigger is only used once in a match. Omega has been known to use it for more than a decade. In 2016, he lost his AEW World Tag Team Championship to FTR, but later reformed his tag team with Hangman Page.

While the One-Winged Angel was introduced later in Kenny Omega‘s career, the move was only added to the WWE games after he achieved fame and respect. While it requires considerable setup, Omega is able to put the opponent on his shoulders. Omega then grabs his opponent’s neck and plants them on the mat in front of him. Omega has won several world championships using this move. If you are interested in learning more about the One-Winged Angel, watch the video below.

One-Winged Angel: The One-Winged Angel has many uses, including launching the opponent onto the ropes, turningbuckle, steel chair, and barricade. In recent years, the move has been performed on weapons outside of the ring. The ropes used to launch the move are the most effective. If you want to learn more about Kenny Omega‘s One-Winged Angel, you should watch his videos.

Recently, a report surfaced about Cody Rhodes’s departure from AEW. Cody, along with his wife, Brandi, were said to be returning to WWE. Omega talked about Cody’s surprise exit and speculated that he was seeking a new path of happiness. In this interview, Omega spoke about his relationship with Cody, who he had worked with as an executive vice president.

In the past, there have been tensions between AEW’s Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. Rhodes left with The Young Bucks, which he has since reunited with, and Kenny Omega has also left. During his departure, Cody cited several backstage supporters. Kenny Omega‘s relationship with Cody may have been a reason for this split.

Omega’s relationship with Adam Cole and with Cody Rhodes deteriorated over time. Although their relationship was initially based on friendship and mutual respect, the pair reconnected and rekindled their romance in 2018. Cody said he was “so happy” to see Omega again, despite the fact that they were once rivals in a video game. Omega later called the split a “happy gay romance” and offered him a BC membership.

In the aftermath of the AEW’s “War of the Worlds,” Omega blamed Cody for his ego and temper problems. He also said that Cody Rhodes deserved the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. Cody also blamed Omega for the relationship’s problems, which further hardened the tribalism within the AEW organization. This stoked Omega’s anger, and the feud between the two continued.

If this feud gets a green light from the WWE, we may see the two men face off in a championship match at some point in the future. Omega and Styles have both made their debuts in the WWE, and they’ve been linked to each other in the past. While Styles has slowed down in recent years, Omega remains a very sharp competitor. Both men are considered among the best in the business. However, it seems unlikely that the two men will switch promotions anytime soon.

The two have only ever fought once before, during a PCW Back to School Bash match in 2006. They were in the same division at the time, but it was Kenny Omega who got the win, which means that Kenny Omega still holds the advantage over AJ Styles. However, the two men did meet each other again in early 2016 in a ring where they had a tag team match, but their feud was never fully developed.

The feud was born in the aftermath of AJ Styles’ split from New Japan Pro Wrestling. Omega and Styles were once teammates, but recently parted ways after they’d reached an agreement on an impromptu match. The Bullet Club faction, which Styles had formerly led, was made up of former members. In 2015, Styles, Kenny, and Kota Ibushi were in the same faction. Both men were involved in a love triangle, and Omega was jealous that Styles was kissing Kota. The Bullet Club split up, but not before Omega made a surprising announcement.

The Kenny Omega and AJ Styles fight was very little-known until recently. The match took place in Winnipeg, Canada. At the time, Omega was at a crossroads in his career. He had been undecided on whether to pursue wrestling or MMA. When he met AJ Styles, Omega was at a crossroads and was not sure which path to take. After that match, Omega shared a video with Dr. Beau Hightower.