Time management in graduate school: how to do it?

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Nowadays, when people accumulate more and more functions and responsibilities, the intelligent use of time is essential to obtain the best possible income and performance. However, this is a challenge mainly for those who choose graduate studies as an alternative to remain competitive in the job market. Thus, reconciling studies with a fast-paced corporate routine … Read more

How to Make a Good Online Presentation

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Public speaking is always a great challenge and requires a lot of preparation and knowledge, as well as, of course, organization and inventiveness to captivate listeners. If face-to-face communication is currently not possible, knowing how to make a good presentation online and making good use of existing technological tools is essential to succeed in the … Read more

Academic Paper: Tips for Writing Better

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We know that creating a scientific article can be a laborious task. It is necessary to have complete mastery of the subject. But many students most of the time do not know how to choose the topic properly. Scholarly articles usually consist of an introduction, main body, conclusion, references, tables/graphs/figures, and appendices. The introduction provides an … Read more

Lattes Curriculum: What It Is, Improvements, How To Do It

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The Lattes curriculum is a great option to improve your chances in the job market, as continuing education is an increasingly present need in professional and academic relationships, being a must for numerous areas of knowledge and an advantage in the field of work for different productive sectors. If, in the private field, personal improvement … Read more

7 tips for preparing your master’s or doctoral project


The moment of elaboration of a master’s or doctoral project is extremely important, since in those sheets are the description of your object of study, the theoretical line that you will adopt, the justification of your choices and even some result that you hope to obtain. In short, your project is a guide, a kind … Read more

5 Steps to Using Zoom in Your Classes

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The virtual environment has become, in recent years, a space of opportunity and, when we think of the educational sector, a place of learning and personal development. The impossibility of locomotion and the need for personal distancing, factors that can be repeated depending on environmental and health circumstances, for example, highlighted the importance of tools … Read more

Pomodoro Technique: Time Management in Postgraduate

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The Pomodoro Technique is an effective time management tool for individuals and businesses. Developed in the early 1990s by Francesco Cirillo, this technique helps users break down their tasks into shorter chunks of dedicated work time and regular breaks. The goal is to ensure that users can stay focused on the task at hand without … Read more

 How to create an effective study routine?

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Creating an effective study routine can be a key factor in achieving success; however, it is not always easy to establish a consistent and productive routine. It is important to ensure that your study sessions are organized, efficient and enjoyable to help you make the most of your time. Here are some tips on how … Read more