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beverly johnson official website

Beverly Johnson Official Website

Beverly Johnson Official Website 2023: Beverly Johnson, one of the world’s first black cover models, has consistently challenged traditional notions of beauty. Her iconic style has been featured on over 500 magazine covers and she remains one of fashion’s most influential icons today.

The 69-year-old model has dedicated her career to more than just modeling, as an actress, author, activist and businesswoman. Now she’s launching her own line of hair care products tailored specifically for women of color.

The Beverly Johnson Story

Beverly Johnson made history as the first African American model to grace the cover of Vogue in 1974, revolutionizing fashion forever. She graced over five hundred magazine covers–from Glamour and Cosmopolitan to Elle and Ebony–becoming a household name in the process.

Beverly achieved great success despite facing racism, drug addiction and an abusive marriage that ultimately tested her strength and sanity. In her captivating memoir The Face That Changed It All, Beverly shares gripping details of her life as a trailblazing trailblazer.

She shares how her hard partying days in New York City led to a successful career as an entrepreneur, actress, women’s advocate and philanthropist. Through stunning never-before-seen photos from her childhood and modeling days, The Face That Changed It All takes us behind the scenes to discover how she achieved such success.

In her early days, she was often rejected by models and agents due to her ethnicity. But after several humbling setbacks, she ultimately broke through and became a major star in the fashion world.

After her initial success, Johnson launched her own beauty company to bring luxury hair and beauty products to a global multicultural market. Additionally, Johnson is an active activist, lending her celebrity status to causes such as AIDS awareness and Ask4Tell4, an education campaign about uterine fibroids in women.

She has a singular focus on eliminating racial injustices from fashion – from boardroom to entry level – and created “The Beverly Johnson Rule,” an initiative to bring structural transformation to the industry. As an entrepreneur, activist, and mother, Johnson is truly a force to be reckoned with.

About Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson, the first African-American supermodel to grace the cover of Vogue magazine, has been an icon in fashion and media for over three decades. She is an accomplished model, actress, author, activist and entrepreneur.

She is a regular guest on the renowned Oprah Winfrey Network and has appeared on various television shows such as The Tamron Hall Show, The Doctors, Wendy Williams’ show, Good Day New York and more. Additionally, Beverly Johnson Enterprises – a global luxury lifestyle brand founded by her – is her business venture.

Her mission is to curate high-end products and services that enrich women’s lives. She has a deep commitment to philanthropy, lending her celebrity voice to causes related to beauty, women’s rights, AIDS awareness, as well as a national campaign regarding uterine fibroids in women.

Last year, Beverly Johnson established the “Beverly Johnson Rule,” an initiative to promote inclusive hiring practices in fashion and beauty industries. This initiative encourages businesses to interview at least two Black candidates for every job opening – from entry-level positions up to C-suite roles.

Beverly, a former model herself, has witnessed how the fashion and beauty industries have historically excluded people of color. Her goal is to create a more equitable and diverse world through positive structural changes from the top down.

She has been a pioneering force in the industry and an unwavering champion for diversity. Her message is simple: Black lives matter and everyone deserves equal treatment.

Beverly Johnson Enterprises

Beverly Johnson Enterprises is a global brand that brings the highest quality luxurious products to an international marketplace. Their mission is to curate exceptional items, sophisticated services and unique experiences for women of all ages and ethnicities to showcase them around the world.

Over four decades, Beverly has appeared on more than 500 magazine covers, including her groundbreaking Vogue cover in 1974. This iconic moment revolutionized fashion; by 1975, every major American Fashion Designer booked African-American models.

She also featured on TV shows, produced her own constructive reality show and authored several books. Eventually she joined Amekor Industries to launch Beverly Johnson Hair–a line of wigs and extensions tailored specifically for African-American women.

Now, fashion icon Beverly Johnson, entrepreneur and activist is using her professional and business acumen to transform the industry by launching “The Beverly Johnson Rule.” This initiative requires fashion, beauty and media companies to interview at least two Black candidates for each job opening – from entry level to C-suite positions.

BJE has collaborated with a range of organizations, such as AARP, Macy’s and JP Morgan Chase. She also has extensive experience in philanthropy; for example, she founded and served on the board of directors at AIDS Coalition of Greater New Haven.

Beverly Johnson Enterprises CEO is focused on growing her company into a billion dollar luxury lifestyle brand that represents the highest quality products in Hair, Beauty and Cosmetics (“HBC”) fashion and media to women of all backgrounds around the world. Her vision for BJE is to become a billion dollar global brand that represents luxurious products in these key categories for multi-cultural markets worldwide.

Beverly Johnson Hair & Beauty

Supermodel Beverly Johnson is the epitome of fashion royalty, being the first Black model to grace Vogue in 1974 and dedicating her career to breaking down barriers. She’s graced runways around the world, hosted her own reality TV show and currently hosts for Oprah Winfrey Network.

Last year, supermodel Kendall Jenner launched Beverly Johnson Hair Care, a paraben-free hair-care line tailored to women of color. Additionally, she’s an active activist and supports important causes like AIDS awareness, Ask4Tell4 – an education campaign about uterine fibroids in women – and United Negro College Fund through her celebrity status.

She’s also an advocate for diversity within the fashion and beauty industry, encouraging companies to adopt inclusive hiring practices by requiring at least two Black candidates be interviewed for every job opening–from entry level positions up through C-suite roles. This initiative has been supported by Retrouve, her skincare partner.

On February 26th, Beverly Johnson launched two new product lines at Target stores nationwide: Model Logic by Beverly Johnson and Beverly Johnson Drawstring Ponytails. Model Logic by Beverly Johnson is a multicultural range of seven luxurious haircare items tailored towards women and men of all ages; Beverly Johnson Drawstring Ponytails utilize synthetic and natural hair that can withstand the high heat of a curling iron for endless styling possibilities.

Beverly Johnson Fashion

Fashion can be a fickle thing, but Beverly Johnson’s cover shot in 1974 marked an historic shift in how society viewed women of color. As the first Black woman to grace the cover of Vogue magazine, Johnson went on to achieve success as a model, actress, author, businesswoman and philanthropist all at once.

Since then, the 69-year-old has created opportunities for many Black models throughout her career and left a lasting legacy that encourages generations of women to be themselves, break barriers and celebrate their unique beauty. She is an acclaimed businesswoman, actress, entrepreneur and social activist who has launched an inclusive lifestyle brand featuring hair and beauty products with her proprietary formulas.

Beverly Johnson’s products are formulated with salon-quality formulas, emollients, botanical extracts and vitamins that feel and look just like the products she’s been using for years. In addition to hair care solutions, Beverly Johnson also carries an extensive line of skin care items as well as bath & body items.

Beverly Johnson is a trailblazing leader in the fashion industry and she is committed to creating structural and systemic change. In January she launched The Beverly Johnson Rule, an initiative that encourages companies in fashion, media and beauty industries to adopt inclusive hiring practices. Her proposal requires at least two Black candidates be interviewed for every job opening – from entry level to C-suites – with executive bonuses tied to meeting diversity targets within their departments.

Johnson is passionate about fashion and has recently been appointed Retrouve’s first-ever brand ambassador. As a fan of the skincare label, Johnson is especially thrilled about their recent holiday collection which sees a portion of proceeds benefitting Project Angel Food.

beverly johnson human braiding hair

Beverly Johnson Human Braiding Hair

If you’re searching for some amazing human braiding hair, Beverly Johnson is the ideal brand. Their products are all 100 percent human hair in an array of colors and textures.

Beverly Johnson is a well-known brand and offers quality human hair for braiding extensions. They also carry an impressive selection of wigs, including stunning lace wigs and full lace wigs.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson Human Braiding Hair Collection provides top-notch one hundred percent human hair in an array of colors and textures for serious braiders. Additionally, this brand is known for their commitment to quality and care when crafting their locks, so you can trust it will last you a long time.

Sensationnell is another excellent name in human braiding hair, offering contemporary wigs and weaves made with only the highest quality one hundred percent human hair. They offer a wide variety of colors, styles, textures that can be used for all types of braiding styles. Their products boast exceptional quality and care when crafting them which makes them the ideal choice for any braiding style.

GMBS Hair proudly stocks Beverly Johnson and Vivica Fox hair collections, both featuring the highest quality bulk strands for straight or wavy styles. Plus they carry super-premium Remy hair as well as wet n wavy bulk so you can create micro freestyle box braids or other braided styles that can be heated.


Women are increasingly opting for human braiding hair in place of traditional plastic fibers, due to the trend towards sustainability or simply wanting something different. Not only that, but it’s an excellent way to keep your natural hair healthy and in top condition when wearing protective styles. Janet Collection offers an impressive selection of braided hair extensions including Yaky Bulk’s top rating and Milky Way Super Bulk Human Hair’s stellar rating; featuring various lengths and colors in various lengths and colors, making this 100% natural hair from East India or other parts of Asia guaranteed not to cause harm!


Sensationnell is the latest hair line from Sensationnel that uses Argan Oil to protect your weave or braid from heat damage and frizziness. It also tames frizz and flyaway. Made of 100% human hair, Sensationnell offers long lasting curl retention as well as being free from tangling or sheds. Plus it’s light weight and soft enough for all types of styles like twists, braids and wigs! For best results please ask your hairstylist for specific wash and maintenance instructions; gently wash with warm water using mild shampoo without twisting or rubbing the hair while washing; do not twist nor rub the scalp while washing.

Yaky Bulk

Yaky Bulk human braiding hair is the finest quality available and guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Plus, with its tangle free texture that won’t break or need cutting or restyle after installation, this synthetic fiber is 100% human hair with an elegant style that will stand the test of time. Perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with braiding, twisting or weaving their own hair for something dramatic; plus it may even get you all excited if done correctly! While this hair may be on the pricey side initially, its long-lasting quality makes it worth every penny in the end!

beverly johnson braiding hair

Beverly Johnson – The First Black Model to Appear on the Cover of Vogue

Beverly Johnson made history as the first black model to grace the cover of Vogue magazine. Now she has launched her own line of hair care products specifically tailored for women of color.

Braiding can be an intricate process, but it also offers protection for your natural hair. Therefore, when the time comes to get your locks braided, make sure you hire someone experienced who knows what they’re doing.

Jailah Johnson

Jailah Johnson is a third-year sociology and African American studies student who recently launched her own hair braiding business to showcase her skills with others. After learning the craft for around 18 months, Jailah has been self-taught in this endeavor.

Her first clients were her mother and a friend from high school, but when she moved away for college, the need for more reliable stylists became acute. Her hair needed repair and she wanted something that would keep it healthy while protecting her from external elements.

She was inspired by the natural hair movement to explore braiding, and has since developed an enthusiasm for this craft. Unlike many braiders, she doesn’t use heat styling techniques to alter their curls or texture; rather, she draws upon her knowledge of black culture to show clients how to achieve braids that look and feel good on them.

She not only braids hair, but she also provides her clients with beauty supplies to maintain their style. Her selection includes various hair colors and conditioners as well as tools like a parting comb and styling gel.

To promote her business, she created a Facebook page and an Instagram account to display her skills and advertise her rates. Since posting those rates in February, she’s met a dozen clients – some of whom are already booking appointments for next semester.

She has a passion for braiding and says her work has given her confidence in herself as an individual. Before, her locks felt unnatural but thanks to the Natural Hair movement, she has learned how to appreciate and cherish their natural locks.

After some trial-and-error, she finally perfected braiding her own hair. She started out with basic styles like fishtail and waterfall braids with intricate patterns, but eventually progressed to larger styles such as French braids or plaits. To this day, her skills remain sharp and she strives to improve upon them daily.

Braiding as a hobby

Braiding hair can be a great way to keep your natural locks out of your face and look fashionable. But it may not always be easy to achieve the ideal style, especially if your locks are prone to breakage and frizziness.

Thankfully, there are several easy methods to create a stunning braid without damaging your locks. Hair extensions not only give you the desired length and volume but can also add volume. Alternatively, synthetic wigs or other hair can provide the same style at lower costs.

Braiding your natural hair not only looks stylish, but it is also beneficial for your health. According to Shah, braiding prevents split ends and dryness by locking in moisture. Furthermore, it shields the locks from UV rays and pollution.

Before you begin braiding your hair, there are a few tips to make the process simpler. First and foremost, wash your hair thoroughly and detangle with a wide-toothed comb to avoid knots from forming during the braiding process.

Once your hair has dried completely, begin braiding it. Doing this prevents tangling or smelliness and also allows your locks to stretch out during the braiding process.

Another essential principle when braiding hair is that it must always be clean, fresh, and condition. This rule especially applies for those with curlier or kinkier textures.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, try creating more intricate styles like French and fishtail braids. There are plenty of online videos that demonstrate how to accomplish these looks.

Ribbons can also be used to add color and style to your braids for special occasions like Halloween or school events. For instance, you could attach an orange and black bow onto the braid in order to match with your Halloween costume.

Though learning how to braid your own natural hair may seem challenging at first, the reward of this skill can be immense. Practice on yourself or friends and family members; you might just discover that this hobby provides you with hours of enjoyable pastime!

Creating a business

Beverly Johnson has perfected the art of braiding hair thanks to her own long and luxurious locks. After trying various styles during high school and college, she finally took the initiative to share her skills with the world.

One of the most rewarding parts of being a hair stylist is helping clients create their perfect style. Whether they prefer sleek straight hair or curly waves, she has all of the tools and knowledge to craft an exquisite custom style that will last them years to come. Her skill set and attention to detail has earned her 32 clients’ trust – testament to which she currently meets with 32 clients each week.

She attributes her success to hard work and perseverance. Even though the coronavirus outbreak forced her to cancel several appointments and move home base to Florida, she remains determined to get back in the game. Additionally, she’s working on a new website and business strategy for when the green light comes back for her venture again.

In addition to an eye-catching wig, the best way to show off your hair is with professional styling products available on the market. A quality salon shampoo and conditioner are essential items in any woman’s arsenal; however, finding a stylist who understands black hair’s specific needs and is willing to invest both time and money in helping you reach those goals can be quite difficult.

Braiding as a career

Beverly Johnson is a renowned fashion icon renowned for her successful modeling career and pioneering role as one of the first African American models to reach mainstream success in the industry. In 1991, she made history by becoming the first African American woman to appear on Vogue’s cover – an important moment that opened doors for models of colour who had previously been underrepresented within this sector.

Her stunning beauty and graceful poses revolutionized perceptions of beauty, inspiring the natural hair movement. Additionally, she was a key figure in the fashion world with an affinity for high-end fashion brands and designers.

Johnson’s appearance on the cover of Vogue in 1974 marked an historic turning point in fashion history, ushering in a new era of diversity and inclusion within the industry. Her stunning transformation marked an enormous change in perceptions about beauty, making her appearance on Vogue such an inspiring example for many other models of color who are now breaking barriers and revolutionizing it from within.

Model Johnson had a successful career, working with top fashion brands and designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino. Additionally, she appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for these companies.

She has been an inspiring champion for diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry, helping to open doors for models of color to become increasingly influential. She has been recognized for her efforts, serving as an example to many others who are following in her footsteps.

At this time, long box braids were becoming an increasingly popular style. Janet Jackson donned them in 1993’s Poetic Justice and Lauryn Hill featured them on the cover of Time magazine in 1999.

Beverly Johnson has achieved success in both modeling and hair-care products for women of color through Beverly Johnson Hair Care. She has appeared on multiple television shows, as well as being a sought-after speaker on diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry.

beverly johnson hair

Beverly Johnson Takes Her Beauty Into the Haircare aisle

Beverly Johnson is one of fashion’s most influential and recognizable models. In 1974, she made history as the first Black model to grace the cover of Vogue magazine – launching a career that now extends across many other sectors within the industry.

The 68-year-old former judge on television show She’s Got the Look is now running her own multimillion-dollar hair care line, the Beverly Johnson Hair Collection. Additionally, she launched a global diversity advisory initiative called the “Beverly Johnson Rule,” which requires fashion, beauty, and media companies to interview at least two Black professionals for every job opening.

Model Logic by Beverly Johnson

Supermodel Beverly Johnson made history in 1974 when she became the first black model to grace the cover of Vogue magazine. Since then, she’s gone on to become an actress, author, activist, businesswoman and TV personality – now taking her talents into haircare with Model Logic by Beverly Johnson which will launch at select Target stores nationwide starting February 1.

According to a press release from the company, Model Logic by Beverly Johnson offers seven luxurious haircare products suitable for women and men of all ages. These include Strike A Pose, an intensive styling cream enriched with shea butter that provides control and hold; Beverly Johnson Color Protector, a spray-in leave-in conditioner protecting against heat from curling irons or flat irons; Beverly Johnson Beautiful Body, a body wash that leaves skin soft, smooth, and glowing; and Beverly Johnson Flawless Skin, a hydrating face mask which reduces redness and blemishes.

Model Logic by Beverly Johnson stands apart from other celebrity-licensed or endorsed products because it was created, manufactured and distributed by her newly launched company BJE LLC. Her salon-quality line of products uses formulas she’s been using for years to leave hair looking healthy, glossy and luxurious – each featuring a special blend of emollients, botanical extracts and vitamins designed specifically with this in mind.

Model Logic by Beverly Johnson will be available in select Target stores nationwide beginning February 26. Additionally, their line includes Beverly Johnson Drawstring Ponytails–a blend of synthetic and natural hair designed to withstand the intense heat from a curling iron for endless styling possibilities.

With her stunning features and superstardom, she graced the cover of American Vogue magazine in 1974, forever changing what black models could look like. Over time, she appeared on more than 500 covers worldwide and was named one of The New York Times’ 20th century’s most influential people in fashion.

Johnson has achieved great success as a model and author, having written two beauty books and appearing on many television shows. She is now an Oprah Winfrey Network personality and her new docu-series Beverly’s Full House premiered March 31. Johnson’s memoir The Face That Changed It All recounts the story of growing up during an intensely racially charged era in America; it chronicles how she overcame these struggles as a child to become successful model later on.

Beverly Johnson Drawstring Ponytails

Beverly Johnson, the first black woman to grace the cover of Vogue magazine, is an inspiring trailblazer who is taking her beauty expertise into hair care products. At Target she’s launching two product lines – Model Logic by Beverly Johnson and The Beverly Johnson Collection – both surprisingly affordable synthetic hair & wig options.

Beverly’s vision goes beyond the glamorous galas and extravagant gowns to bring affordable luxury to all women of color. To make her dream a reality, she’s teaming up with other industry leaders in an effort to build an affordable beauty empire that gives Black women confidence to look good and feel great! This mission has been fulfilled for myself and my mother – giving them the ability to look good while feeling great!

Beverly Johnson’s Model Logic by Beverly Johnson hair product line has won our heart over with its combination of traditional beauty care and modern technology, all at an unbeatably affordable price point that you’ll find in Black-owned retailers across America. This top rated collection from Beverly Johnson is now accessible for a fraction of what you would pay at other mainstream outlets. This top rated collection should not be missed!

Beverly Johnson Collection with Retrouve

Beverly Johnson made history in 1974 when she became the first Black model to grace the cover of Vogue US. Since then, she has continued to open doors for other Black models and advocate for equal representation in fashion. Recently, Beverly Johnson announced a collaboration with luxury natural skincare brand Retrouve as its first-ever ambassador and has launched the Beverly Johnson Collection with Retrouve.

Johnson’s skin looks youthful and flawless despite her age, thanks to Johnson’s knowledge of anti-aging. She uses affordable yet effective beauty products for maximum radiance every day.

She swears by petroleum jelly and baby oil to keep her skin dewy and wrinkle-free, as well as cod liver oil tablets for extra nourishment. To achieve the most glowing complexions, apply lotion before and after showering for maximum hydration.

Johnson’s signature style is classic and sophisticated with a touch of bohemian flair. At the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, she donned an elegant black gown featuring a plunging thigh-high slit that left her legs dripping in diamonds.

The iconic model completed her look with a chic dress and diamond earrings that adorn the decolletage and neckline. For added glamour, she added glossed lips and subtle makeup that highlighted her perfect smile.

Her stunning appearance was completed with a tasteful hairstyle that swept her long raven locks down into an elegant, flowing style. She completed the look with a regal hoop earring and matching stilettos that reflected in her eyes.

Model Johnson continues to celebrate her successes as a model, but recently took on an additional role as brand ambassador for Retrouve. Together with the skincare line, Johnson is launching an exclusive holiday collection.

In her collection, she blends her signature style with five of Retrouve’s most sought-after formulas. This includes the Luminous Cleansing Elixir, Dermal Defense Hand Cream, Baume Ultime Body Oil, Ultimate Balm Body Oil and a White Jade Roller.

She has been using the brand for years, and was drawn to its mission of creating natural products that are safe for her skin. Additionally, she admires their commitment to inclusivity in hiring practices – including adopting the Beverly Johnson Rule which requires companies in fashion, beauty and media industries to interview at least two Black candidates per job opening – from entry level positions up through C-suite roles.

Beverly Johnson’s Guide to a Life of Health and Beauty

Beverly Johnson has had a remarkable career that spans decades. She made history by becoming the first African-American model to grace the cover of Vogue and has served as role model, actress, activist, businesswoman, philanthropist, author and TV personality.

Her remarkable career includes five hundred magazine covers, thousands of editorial pages and numerous advertising campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Halston, Valentino and Ralph Lauren – just to name a few. She’s appeared on the covers of magazines such as Vogue and Glamour as well as French Elle, Ebony and Essence. Additionally she has published books, written songs and starred in television shows.

She has a longstanding record of volunteering her time and money to charities, while advocating for women’s health issues, particularly uterine fibroids. Furthermore, she has raised awareness about gay men’s rights to equal treatment under the law, serving as an active AIDS activist.

Exercise is an excellent way to keep your body fit and healthy, but you may not know exactly how much exercise is best for you. Here are a few things to take into account when determining the ideal amount of exercise:

Measureing exercise intensity is most commonly done through heart rate. This straightforward process can be accomplished by counting how many times your heart beats per minute. A smartwatch or other exercise monitor makes this task simple, but if you don’t have one, the manual process of counting each beat can still be employed.

Another way to assess exercise intensity is by monitoring your resting heart rate. This simple yet accurate measurement of fitness level can be an invaluable asset when designing an exercise program.

When it comes to exercise, the ideal approach is finding a routine you enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle. Whether that means hitting the gym, working out at home, or simply going for some jogs each week, finding an exercise regimen you can stick with is key in avoiding overtraining syndrome, which may cause muscle soreness and lack of energy.

mina starsiak education

Mina Starsiak Education, Career and Net Worth

Mina Starsiak is an American home reality TV star, renovator, author and store owner renowned for her appearances on HGTV show Good Bones.

She is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. She is the co-founder of Two Chicks and a Hammer.

Educational Background

Mina Starsiak is an Indianapolis-based realtor, author, renovator and media personality. She rose to prominence after appearing on HGTV’s Good Bones show where she shares her expertise on turning a rundown house into an incredible residence.

Her first job was as a waitress, and then she ventured into home renovation business with her mother Karen E. Laine. They’ve been running their company Two Chicks and a Hammer for seven years now and continue to expand into new areas such as landscaping.

Though she did not receive formal education in home renovation, she gained valuable experience by working on her own. When she was a young woman, her mother and she bought a home that needed repair as a fixer-upper and tore it down to the studs before rebuilding from there.

Even after she started her own business, she still worked part-time as a waitress to make ends meet. But ultimately, it was during this process of remodeling houses that she found joy and fulfillment – leading her to become full time home renovation expert.

She founded her home-renovation company with her mother and has since formed partnerships with real estate firms to expand the business. Today, it is one of Indiana’s largest home renovation businesses.

Mina has achieved great success, yet she remains true to her roots and is proud of living in Indiana. She has a deep-felt connection to the state and works to enhance local communities through publishing children’s books and supporting foster care agencies.

The 38-year-old is married to Stephen Hawk and they have a daughter together named Charlotte. The couple resides in a 2,900 square foot home located in Indianapolis.

Starsiak has yet to disclose her net worth, though it’s believed to be at least $2 million. She’s an ardent Indianapolis Colts fan and follows them avidly on social media year-round.

Her family is large, consisting of a brother and two sisters. Her parents Casey and Karen divorced when she was 17, but they eventually got back together again.

Family Background

Mina Starsiak, host of HGTV’s Good Bones, has an interesting family background. Her parents Karen and Casey divorced multiple times before they blended their families together – leading to Mina having many siblings.

Her father, Casey Starsiak, is an orthopedic surgeon from Indiana with roots in Eastern Europe. Together with his wife Cheryl they have two children.

She has two full brothers, William and CR, as well as three half-sisters Kelsy, Tad, and Jessica. These siblings enjoy a close bond although they tend to be quite protective of each other’s personal lives.

However, they adore each other and show each other unconditional love and support. Additionally, they adore spending time with their kids which is another reason for why they have such a close family bond.

In August 2018, Mina and Steve welcomed their first child, Jack Richard Hawk. A month later, Steve adopted another daughter named Julie to complete their family of four; now living happily together in Indianapolis’ home.

Mina is not only a mother, but she’s an entrepreneur and reality TV star as well. She co-founded Two Chicks and Hammer – a renovation company. Furthermore, Mina wrote a children’s book.

Her company has achieved great success, earning her numerous awards and earning the respect of those in the industry. Furthermore, she holds a special place in her heart for Indiana; she often reps both her alma mater and hometown team, the Indianapolis Colts, on Instagram with passion and enthusiasm. She truly cares about strengthening communities wherever she goes.

She considers herself a control freak and strives for organization when it comes to her business affairs. But things changed after she had her first child and began taking more chances with things.

Mina is an acclaimed businesswoman and reality TV star, but she always prioritizes her family. She takes great interest in her children’s development, emphasizing the significance of being present for them when they need it most.

Personal Life

Mina Starsiak is a reality TV star best known for her appearances on Good Bones. She’s also an entrepreneur and author, hailing from Indiana where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Additionally, Mina enjoys renovating homes alongside her mother who also works in this field.

She has an immense affection for Indiana and dedicates much of her time there to building up its community. In 2020 she released her first book entitled Built Together which taught kids about family structure as well as providing fun construction activities.

Her personal life takes place in Indianapolis, where she resides with her husband and two children. Jack, their son, and Charlotte, their daughter, make up an incredibly close-knit family that enjoys spending time together.

Her mother, Karen Laine, is a retired attorney and Mina’s dad, Casey Starsiak, is an orthopedic surgeon certified in fracture care, sports injuries, hand surgery, back and neck issues, knee and shoulder arthroscopic surgery as well as total knee and hip replacements.

They met through mutual friends and decided to tie the knot in June 2016. Their son Jack Richard Hawk was born August 2018, while Charlotte Gray arrived two months later, on September 20, 2020.

No matter the ups and downs in their relationship, they have managed to remain an incredibly close knit group. They have worked tirelessly towards realizing their dream of becoming parents, and are loving every minute of it!

In January 2022, Mina shared a story on her Instagram account that showed the results of her hard work to transform her body. Two side-by-side pictures displayed how much weight had been shed and she looked fitter than ever. A caption accompanying each picture explained why this change had been made; many fans reached out with support and inspiration as well. It was an incredibly positive moment in her career, showing she is pleased with how well-kept up with this lifestyle change while maintaining an upbeat outlook about overall wellbeing. It’s encouraging to see her remain consistent in these efforts – it’s nice to see her enthusiasm about health!

Net Worth

Mina Starsiak, HGTV host and co-host of the hit show Good Bones, has achieved great success in her professional career and earned a comfortable living from it. Her net worth as of 2020 stands at an impressive $2 million.

She has made her fortune through reality shows, commercials and renovations. Additionally, she has written several books – her children’s book Built Together being one of the best-selling titles.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2020, and she earns between $10,000 and $20,000 per episode on her show. While this may not be a high income for a celebrity real estate agent, it’s enough for her expenses to be covered and allow her to spend quality time with her family.

Her social media pages indicate she resides in Indiana with her husband and two children. They own a three-story home located in Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis that measures 2,900 square feet.

She and her husband also have two pet dogs at home. Although she’s grateful for having two children, Jack Richard and Charlotte Drew Hawk, she doesn’t plan on having any more in the near future.

In addition to her work on TV, Karen Laine runs Two Chicks and a Hammer with her mother Karen Laine, renovating homes around Indianapolis since 2012. They are renowned for their beautiful designs.

Mina and her mother have also opened Two Chicks District Company, selling home decor inspired by their distinctive style. As of July 2022, they boast 592K followers on Instagram.

The mother-daughter team had humble beginnings as waitresses, but found their true calling after purchasing their first house. Utilizing their real-life experiences to launch a career and brand, the duo launched their own company and quickly secured work on HGTV.

Their business has seen tremendous growth over the last several years, and they are now widely regarded as one of the top renovation teams in America. Their work has been featured on multiple HGTV shows, with an ever-increasing reach.