How to Make a Good Online Presentation

Public speaking is always a great challenge and requires a lot of preparation and knowledge, as well as, of course, organization and inventiveness to captivate listeners. If face-to-face communication is currently not possible, knowing how to make a good presentation online and making good use of existing technological tools is essential to succeed in the virtual environment. So, to find out how to create a good online exposure, keep reading this text and perfect yourself more and more.

Fear of public speaking

Due to childhood traumas, an introverted personality, or even a lack of interpersonal development, many people have an enormous fear of public presentations, but despite this, one of the most common academic and professional practices is precisely public speaking. , which forces students, teachers and other professionals to face fear and put themselves in front of other people. Therefore, know that it is normal to be afraid, but good preparation, the search for new knowledge, familiarity with the tools and the desire for personal and professional growth can help you overcome any difficulty.

To make a good presentation online

A good oral presentation is made up of several elements and, in the virtual environment, the technological aspect also joins the speaker’s skills. If there is, for example, a difference in the way of exposing some information in a videoconference, in a live event, or in a recorded lecture, some aspects are fundamental in any situation, such as:

  • The right tool: Although it is possible to initially think about the equipment used, cameras and microphones, for example, know that the right platform and the right tools can make your job easier. Therefore, choosing to create a Prezi presentation, Power Point, Google Slides or Canva, among many other possibilities, is the first step to do well.
  • Train: Repeating a presentation and looking for perfection is a great strategy, as it can give you more confidence when presenting. Also, seek to test your equipment and your speech, see the best angles and the best settings for you.
  • Clothing: No more being caught without clothes on in a virtual presentation! Remember that you must also maintain a good image in the digital environment, therefore, carefully assess the situation in which you will need to present yourself and, therefore, choose an appropriate outfit for the occasion.
  • Scenario: Although it is a common term in soap operas and movies, know that your scenario says a lot about you, either by the objects arranged in your speech environment, or by the quality of the image that you will transmit to your listeners.

Nowadays, putting together a good presentation is a challenge that can be overcome with preparation and organization. Thus, it is becoming more and more common to present faculty work online and create virtual courses, which requires students (undergraduates, masters and doctoral students, for example) and professors to make a large personal investment in the possible technological alternatives used. .

Tips for making a good online slideshow

Among the numerous tools used in the virtual environment, slides are a practical and well-structured way to present essential concepts and information, but you must organize well what you will put on the slides and how you will present the presented data orally.

  • Clear and objective presentation: Try to make the slides clearer, more concise and with an elegant layout, focusing on simplicity and creating a clean image for the information presented.
  • Information divided into topics: Organize the information and prevent the topics from getting mixed up, thus avoiding the apprehension of what you want to expose.
  • Oral presentation: Avoid repeating the same information presented on the slides. Remember that your presentation should use the slides as support, but not repeat them. Therefore, try to talk about what is being presented, but use another approach and try to be more dynamic.

Thus, to make a good presentation online , looking for viable technological alternatives and investing in adequate tools and efficient equipment is a first step to work in the digital environment. Then, getting to know the public of the virtual space and maintaining a sober, clear, objective and dynamic standard of exposition becomes the other path to be followed by those who need to embark on the paths of public speaking.

Presentation design: slides and content

Creating a good presentation can make the difference between keeping your audience’s attention or losing it. By designing visually appealing slides and creating content that is interesting, informative and relevant to the topic, you can ensure your presentation is successful. It’s important to plan what you want to present before you start creating slides or writing content. This article provides information on how to make a good presentation online, focusing on slide design and content.

When it comes to slide design, there are several tips that can help you create an aesthetically pleasing layout. Choose colors that go well together, and keep the text concise with limited bullets per slide. Also, use high-quality images and animations to ensure your audience remains engaged during your presentation.

Delivery: Engage and Connect

Giving an online presentation can be a daunting and challenging task. With so many distractions and potential technical issues, how do you ensure your message will engage and connect with your audience? Being able to communicate effectively in this medium is essential for success in the modern business world. Here are some top tips on how to deliver an impactful presentation online.

First, get to know your audience and their expectations before giving your presentation. Choose topics that are relevant to them and focus on the solutions they might be looking for. Create visuals that match their interests, such as images or videos that showcase the product or service you’re discussing. Also, use tools like polls or surveys to get feedback during the presentation so you can make adjustments as needed.

Then, create an engaging atmosphere by adding elements of surprise to your slides.

Conclusion: Rehearse, Rehearse!

Rehearsing is one of the most important elements of delivering a successful online presentation. If you want to ensure your presentation runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression, it’s essential to rehearse before going live.

Rehearsing lets you practice what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, and ensures that all the technical aspects work correctly.

The more time you spend rehearsing your presentation, the more comfortable you will be speaking to an audience. It’s also useful to help identify any issues with slides or other visual aids that might arise during your talk. Plus, rehearsing helps build confidence so your presentation feels natural and smooth when presenting online.