Learn how to make a presentation more interesting

And lack of audience engagement can result in loss of interest, lack of understanding, and even failure to convey the desired message.

But with a few strategies, it is possible to transform a monotonous presentation into an engaging and memorable experience for the audience. See what to do next.

How to make a boring presentation more interesting?

To make a presentation interesting, you need to combine storytelling, authenticity and visual support.

Basically, it’s about what you say, how you say it, and the resources you use as you speak.

Check out the tips:

1. Tell a story

Often when we think about how to make a presentation interesting, we focus on the visual aspects.

So we added animations and transitions, hoping this would keep our audience engaged.

Having a presentation with impressive slides can help, of course.

But if you invest too much time in this part of the presentation, a crucial element to making presentations interesting can be lost: the story.

The best presentations draw in their viewers with a good narrative. And it also helps to make the presentation memorable.

So it doesn’t matter if your slides are amazing if they aren’t supporting engaging content.

Therefore, when preparing your presentation script , consider these questions:

  • What am I sharing?
  • Why is it important?
  • What can my audience do with the information?

Remember: presentations that are engaging from start to finish take the audience on a journey.

So make sure you structure your content in such a way that it’s easy to tell the story and provide your audience with a relevant journey.

So start with an engaging introduction that piques your audience’s curiosity.

Also, use elements like suspense, humor or an intriguing question to grab attention from the start.

Another tip is to present interesting characters who face challenges or conflicts related to the theme of the presentation.

This allows the audience to emotionally connect to the story and root for the outcome.

2. Be authentic and engaging

This is a key point that is often overlooked when preparing presentations. Remember: you are the presentation.

So trying to put on a show or create a character might not be a good idea.

Audiences pick up on this almost immediately, and the experience will be uncomfortable for everyone.

Instead, focus on the parts of your personality that best serve the purpose of the presentation.

For example, tell personal stories, speak in the same way you normally do, and be open.

Your energy is contagious. If you want to make your presentation more interesting, you need to bring the right energy.

One tip is to memorize the content instead of relying on reading the slides.

Also, be sure to use different speeds and volumes throughout your presentation to make it more interesting.

Draw attention to specific points and present yourself authentically.

3. Create interesting slides

Bad slides can lead to distraction, boredom and learning difficulties.

After all, people don’t participate in a presentation to read text on a slide. They want to hear you present important information.

So, to give a good speech or make a captivating presentation, avoid overloading your slides with too much text.

Try to use short, to-the-point sentences , and use keywords to convey your main ideas.

Speaking of complementing, tweak the slides as needed to improve the flow and overall understanding of the presentation.

Another tip for creating interesting slides is to use relevant images .

So choose high quality images that are directly related to the content you are presenting.

Avoid using generic images and opt for authentic illustrations or photographs.

Also, whenever possible use charts and infographics . These elements are good alternatives when you need to present data or statistics.

This facilitates the public’s understanding and makes the information more accessible and engaging.

4. Use humor in the presentation

The use of humor can be an effective strategy to make a presentation more interesting.

But before using humor in a presentation or talk, it’s important to know your audience .

That is, consider cultural context, age, and preferences to ensure your jokes are relevant and appropriate.

Humor is subjective, so be aware that not all people will have the same sense of humor.

Be sensitive and avoid any jokes that are offensive or uncomfortable.

Another point you should consider is that humor works best when it’s authentic.

So, use your own style of humor and tell funny stories that relate to the topic of the presentation.

Avoid forcing jokes or adding humor just for the sake of it. Be yourself and let your natural sense of humor flow.

Also, use humor that is relevant to the content. Look for appropriate times to add jokes or funny comments that illustrate or reinforce your key points.

5. Adopt a conversational tone

Adopting a conversational tone in a presentation can make it more interesting and engaging for the audience.

So, avoid speaking in a monotonous or robotic way. Instead, speak enthusiastically and passionately about the topic.

Likewise, forgetting about body language is one of the biggest public speaking mistakes .

Positive body language can   have a huge impact on building your credibility with your audience.

Also, use accessible language. That is, use clear and simple language, avoiding jargon or complicated technical terms.

During the presentation, imagine that you are talking with a friend and try to convey the information clearly and understandably to everyone.

This makes it easier for the audience to understand and maintain interest throughout the presentation.

Another tip is to use examples, real cases or personal narratives to illustrate your points and create emotional connections with listeners.

People connect better with stories, making the presentation more memorable and interesting.

Finally, whenever possible ask rhetorical questions during the presentation.

These questions do not need to be answered, but serve to direct listeners’ attention and thinking.