Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1 Episode 1 Review (2023)


Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1 Episode 1 Review: If you’re looking for a good show to watch tonight, I suggest that you check out the Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1. The show premieres tonight and it’s sure to be a hit. In fact, the cast of Season 1 is pretty hot and you won’t want to miss the action.

Season 1 premieres tonight

The Real Housewives of Dubai will finally make its debut tonight on Bravo. As the network’s newest addition to the global reality franchise, the show will focus on a group of glamorous women who have taken the glitzy Billionaire’s Playground by storm.

The show will follow the lives of an eclectic group of women, including Nina Ali, Sara Al Madani, Caroline Brooks, and Chanel Ayan. While the series is expected to focus on the extravagant lifestyles of its wealthy residents, it will also address the controversial expectations of women.

The Real Housewives of Dubai will be the first international version of the wildly popular franchise. It will be produced by Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, and Brandon Panaligan. Despite the fact that the UAE has strict rules for women, the executives say that fans can expect to see dramatic confrontations between the women.

The series will be filmed in the skyscraper-studded sheikhdom of Dubai, a city known for its extreme stance on human rights. Although the United Arab Emirates is a Gulf Arab federation, the government’s official religion is Islam.

The Real Housewives of Dubai has already attracted 769,000 viewers, according to a release from Bravo. This was enough for the cast members to hold a livestream Q&A with viewers and host a “premiere party” in New York City.

A trailer for the Real Housewives of Dubai has been released, showcasing the same housewife drama you’ll find on the show. With foul-mouthed feuding, photo shoots, and whirlwind romances, this new series has all the ingredients for a hit television series.

The Real Housewives of Dubai season 1 is set to air Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on Bravo, with an encore presentation the next day at 9 pm on Peacock Premium. For those who aren’t already a Bravo member, the network has an exclusive partnership with Sling TV, which will provide fans with a free trial and a variety of promotional offers.

Besides watching the premiere tonight, fans can also watch the series on DirecTV Stream, which will offer a free trial. In the meantime, you can watch the season on the Bravo website,, or via Netflix.

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Finally, fans of the Real Housewives franchise can’t go wrong with the reunion episodes that air in September. On September 7 at 9 p.m., the series will reunite its six leading ladies, bringing viewers inside their homes, their private lives, and their families.

Before we all get too excited about the show’s premiere, let’s take a look at the rest of the ladies who are on the show. From Nina Ali and Sara Al Madani to Caroline Brooks and Chanel Ayan, there are six housewives with a lot to say.

Season 1 cast

The Real Housewives of Dubai is Bravo’s latest spin on the popular reality show franchise. It follows six women as they navigate the eye-catching social scene of a luxury megalopolis. Each woman has her own story to tell. These stories are about glamour, money, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Currently, the series is made up of five main cast members: Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, Caroline Brooks, Lesa Milan, and Sara Al Madani. Phaedra Parks appears in a recurring role as well. She is also in the real-life Dubai business community and is the first Black supermodel in the emirate.

Although the show’s cast is not entirely new, Bravo has announced a bunch of new faces to make the list. In fact, the network has a long history of creating international spin-offs, including The Real Housewives of Melbourne and The Real Housewives of Los Angeles.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is set to debut on June 1. Previously, the show aired on Bravo in the US and the UK, but now, fans will get a chance to follow the lives of these women as they do their thing in Dubai. One of the most intriguing things about the show is that it features a cast of women who are in Dubai for a good reason.

For starters, the city of Dubai is one of the richest in the world, so there is plenty of money to be made. Several of the stars of the show are based in the UAE, including Chanel, who is the city’s first black supermodel. Meanwhile, Caroline is a real estate agent who is working to open an inclusive spa. Other ladies include entrepreneur Lesa Gibson, who runs a successful maternity line in Dubai.

The Real Housewives of Dubai will air on Wednesdays at 9pm. Fans can catch the latest episodes of the show on Peacock. On August 31, Bravo will host a two-part special to wrap up Season 1 of the series.

Earlier this year, the Bravo network released a trailer for the show, and we got our first look at the cast of the show. This trailer is not a full list of the women, but it does contain a couple of snippets.

It’s no secret that Chanel has been a fan favorite in the housewife space for some time. As well as being a fan favorite, she also is a shrewd businesswoman who has built a name for herself in the fashion industry.

In addition to her fashion and modeling skills, she is also an overachiever who is not afraid to use her smarts to her advantage. Among other things, she is the creator of the popular “Divorced Not Dead” podcast.

One of the most exciting things about the Real Housewives of Dubai is that it is the first original international iteration of the show. Its predecessor, Ladies of London, followed six high-society Londoners, and it looks like the newcomers will do the same for this ultra-rich locale.

Season 1 recap

The Real Housewives of Dubai, which premiered on Wednesday night, features a cast of glamorous ladies. These women are based in the UAE, which is home to some of the world’s most luxurious lifestyles.

The show is a spinoff of Bravo’s successful Real Housewives franchise. It follows a group of women as they navigate the ultra-luxe Billionaire’s Playground. This is the first time that the show has been filmed outside the United States.

Although the Real Housewives of Dubai has its flaws, it is not a complete waste of time. At least, not compared to the other shows produced by the network.

As you might expect, the first episode of the series was a bit of a let down. For one, we don’t get to see much of the Emirati culture. We also don’t get a lot of the cast. There are only six main cast members, including Caroline Brooks, Sara Al Madani, Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, Kyle Lambert and Camille Pratt. And none of them really contribute much to the show.

Compared to the other shows on the network, the Real Housewives of Dubai is boring. In addition to being a very generic reality show, it lacks any real substance. While the women do seem nice, the show isn’t very interesting.

One of the most impressive things about the Real Housewives of Dubai is that there are no whitewashed characters. The gang is diverse, from Kenyan to American to Lebanese to British. They all have fancy modern houses and designer wardrobes. However, they aren’t necessarily the most attractive.

Of course, it’s not just about the ladies. There’s plenty of drama as well. Phaedra Parks has a cameo in the season one premiere. When she comes to Dubai for the reunion, she gives Caroline Brooks a pep talk. She tells her to be extra and speak in a meme-worthy tagline. Even Andy has an audition tape to show her. But it’s the other women’s comments that bond them.

The episode also contains the shortest ad for a hen party. Ayan is the most outlandish character on the show. She has a pet goat and posts photos of it on NextDoor. In the end, it seems like she’s a bit of a diva.

The show does have a few fun reveals. Caroline Stanbury got a job at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai. And she has a mutual friend with Lesa Milan. But she doesn’t like the fact that Milan is friends with Sergio Carallo. He’s a former professional football player who’s younger than her daughter.

In the end, it’s a pretty solid first season of the show. Although it has its flaws, we don’t have to wait much longer for the second. After all, the show will air on Peacock next week.

The Real Housewives of Dubai Net Worth


If you haven’t watched the Real Housewives of Dubai, you’re in for a treat. The show is the ultimate reality TV event and has garnered millions of viewers each week. It has also helped the women of the Gulf earn millions of dollars. But what’s the story behind these famous and rich ladies?

Lesa Milan Hall

Lesa Milan Hall is a reality star who is currently featured on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai. She is also a fashion designer who has launched two successful brands.

Lesa Milan was born on March 23, 1989, in Kingston, Jamaica. Her birth name is Lesa-Gayle Wee Tom. As she grew up, she attended Wellsway School in England. At that time, she studied journalism. Later, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

After graduation, she participated in Miss Jamaica Universe and Queen Miss Jamaica Caribbean Contests. She won both titles. But, she eventually went on to compete in Miss Jamzone International and Miss Hollywood Teen USA.

Currently, Lesa is a mother of three boys. She and her husband, Richard Hall, have a house in Dubai, UAE. They own several luxury vehicles, including Mercedes Benz cars.

Although Lesa hasn’t discussed her childhood, she is known for her extravagant lifestyle. She spends a lot of time with her family and loves to travel to beautiful places. And, she is a die-hard foodie.

In addition to her work as a fashion designer, Lesa is the founder of the children’s education brand My Little Makers. This company specializes in producing early development toys and books. Several celebrities and public figures have been customers of this company.

Lesa has a net worth of $5 million. This wealth is largely attributed to her success as an entrepreneur.

Milan and her husband have a luxurious home in Dubai. She has also started a maternity fashion line. It was after she had her first child that she decided to begin designing maternity wear. However, she expanded the collection to include nursing wear and post-pregnancy Ready-to-Wear clothes.

Chanel Ayan

The Real Housewives of Dubai star Chanel Ayan is a supermodel, beauty expert and entrepreneur. She was born in Kenya, of Somali and Ethiopian descent. Her father was a drunk and she was raised by her mother. It was after her cousin introduced her to modeling that she began her career.

Chanel is an entrepreneur who has created her own cosmetics line and talent agency. She is also a social media influencer. As a model, she has appeared in a variety of commercials and magazines. With her extensive list of clients, she has earned a fortune.

Before moving to Dubai, Chanel lived in the United States for a few years. There she worked with Elite Models. In her modeling career, she has worked for brands such as Chanel, Versace, and Cartier. Upon her move to Dubai, she was the first black model to be featured on a magazine cover.

Today, she runs her own talent agency and cosmetics line, Ayan. She has a net worth of about $1 million. Besides being a model, she is a philanthropist.

Chanel Ayan is one of the six stars of the Bravo television series, The Real Housewives of Dubai. Her involvement in the show has garnered her popularity and success. This reality TV show airs on Bravo at 9 pm ET. Other cast members include Sara Al Madani, Caroline Brooks, and Sara Stanbury.

She is a philanthropist and has a huge net worth. She has a family, and she hopes that her wealth can help her family.

She is married to Luca Slaves, an artist and former model. They have a teenage son, Taj.

Chanel is a very savvy businesswoman, and has a lot of projects that will help her wealth grow. She recently partnered with makeup artist Toni Malt on a makeup and skincare line.

Nina Ali

Nina Ali is a Lebanese American businesswoman and reality star. She is one of the cast members of the show The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Ali, who is married to Munaf Ali, is a businesswoman who runs several businesses, including her fruit cake company. She has three kids. Her youngest child is Nour Ali Ali, who is eight years old.

Nina Ali is also a model. She launched a fashion line at age 15. Previously she worked in digital marketing for a company called Social Fish. Another notable accomplishment was her appearance on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

Ali’s biggest claim to fame is her participation in The Real Housewives of Dubai. This series is Bravo’s first international installment. It features six women with lavish lifestyles.

Ali is one of the most popular women on TROHD. As a result, her personal fortune is expected to increase. However, the exact figures are difficult to track.

Ali’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Currently, she and her husband live in a sea-facing mansion in the palm valley of Dubai. They have three children, all of whom are precocious. Ali’s Instagram account has over 521,000 followers.

Another interesting fact is that Nina Ali is one of the most socially active women on the planet. In addition to running her fruit cake company and Second Citizenship Consultants, she runs a tapas restaurant in Dubai. And she takes orders online.

Besides her work in the food industry, Ali is a fan of fashion and flaunts Chanel jewelry and handbags. So, it’s not surprising that she has a fancy Instagram account.

Although it’s tough to quantify her net worth, her accomplishments are well deserved. As she’s one of the most famous women in Dubai, she’s likely to have an extravagant lifestyle.

Caroline Brooks

Caroline Brooks is a reality star who gained national attention after appearing on “The Real Housewives of Dubai.” She is also an entrepreneur and has recently entered the beauty industry.

She is also the founder of The Glass House, a luxury spa. Her website claims that it will be opening in the near future.

Brooks started her career as a marketing executive. She moved to Dubai and met her future husband. They married after a whirlwind romance. In 2010, they welcomed a son. However, the couple split after seven years. During their time in Dubai, Caroline landed a job with a real estate firm.

As a result, she built her own empire. Now, she runs a salon and a real estate brokerage firm.

She is also the owner of Mina Roe, which specializes in swimwear and jeans. In fact, Beyonce has endorsed the line.

Another business venture of hers is a podcast. She hosts a show titled Divorced Not Dead.

Other than her work, Caroline has managed to become a member of Dubai’s elite social circles. She has a pet dog and owns several branded cars. And, according to her Instagram bio, she is a philanthropist.

Interestingly enough, she is not the only one in the Real Housewives of Dubai. Aside from her, there are six other ladies featured in the film.

There are some who believe that she is the real estate guru of Dubai. This could be true. But, the truth is that her personal wealth is under $1.5 million in 2022.

Nevertheless, she is a woman of grit and determination. It appears that she is a role model for many women.

Dr. Sara Al Madani

Sara Al Madani is a famous businesswoman and entrepreneur from the United Arab Emirates. She is known for being one of the cast members of the reality show “The Real Housewives of Dubai”.

Sara Al Madani is one of the richest women in the world and is a prominent member of the UAE’s elite. She has made her own fortune from her own entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition, she is a philanthropist who works on a number of charitable causes in the region.

Sara Al Madani was born in the UAE on January 20, 1986. She is the daughter of a Bahraini father and an Emirati mother. Her father was an aerodynamics engineer.

Sara Al Madani is the youngest of the board members of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She also received an honorary doctorate from Eton University in 2018. She graduated from the American International School in Sharjah and studied film direction at the American University of Sharjah. During her early years, she worked as a model and promoter.

She started her first business venture at the age of fifteen. She is now the CEO of several companies. Among them is HalaHi, a leading digital marketing firm. The company also owns several other companies in the fashion and technology industry.

She is a public speaker. She has spoken at colleges, universities, and organizations.

As a result of her success, she was asked to join the TV show “The Real Housewives of Dubai.” She joined the show in season one in 2022. It is reported that she has a net worth of $25 million by 2022.

She has a lot of followers on social media sites. Her Instagram account has over 511k fans. However, she has kept some of her personal details hidden.

The Real Housewives of Dubai’s Caroline Stanbury


The latest season of the popular TV series, “Real Housewives of Dubai”, premiered last month. This season of the show has a lot to offer. It features a new cast of stars, including Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan and Caroline Stanbury.

Lesa Milan

Lesa Milan Hall is a successful fashion designer. She has a net worth of between $5million and $9million. Her net worth is derived from her success in business. In addition to her fashion business, she also owns a maternity wear brand.

Milan has been married to Richard Hall, a financier, and they live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They have three children together. After a long-distance relationship, they were able to marry at the Fountainbleu Hotel.

Lesa Milan is an entrepreneur who has worked with Katy Perry and Serena Williams. She founded the maternity wear brand Mina Roe. It has been worn by celebrities such as Beyonce.

Milan met her husband Richard Hall in Boca Raton, Florida. Although they were going through a breakup, they were able to marry.

Lesa Milan has worked with several brands, including My Little Makers, which is a toy line. She founded the company after she became pregnant with her first child.

A former Miss Jamaica winner, Milan has made her name in the fashion world. She has worked with many other famous people, including Gigi Hadid, Serena Williams, and Katy Perry.

Milan has two brands, My Little Makers and Mina Roe. Both of her companies are very successful. However, she says she is not a fan of most of her Real Housewives of Dubai co-stars.

Fans can catch reruns of earlier episodes on Bravo or Peacock. The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.

Bravo has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming episode. It will be on June 29, and will be followed by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Earlier this season, Phaedra Parks guested on the show.

Sara Al Madani

Real Housewives of Dubai is a new spinoff from the popular Bravo series. It will focus on a group of lavish, powerful women living in the ultra-luxe Billionaire’s Playground in the UAE. The show will feature Sara Al Madani, a single mother who is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Aside from Sara, “The Real Housewives of Dubai” will feature Nina Ali, Lesa Milan and Chanel Ayan. The first season of the show premiered in January and has nine episodes so far. The series will air on Bravo on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

On the first episode of RHODubai, Sara Al Madani and Caroline Brooks had a major fight. The two argued over what she thought about her comments about the cast member’s son. Brooks thought that Al Madani had positive intentions, while Al Madani criticized her for being too preachy.

After the two women cooled off, Sara Al Madani told OK! magazine that she was not afraid to talk her mind. She said that she was a public speaker and has delivered more than 200 keynote speeches. She also noted that she is a “cool girl” and has no problem putting on a show for people to see.

She is a member of the SME council of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur. She is a motivational speaker, a fashion designer and technology investor.

Sara Al Madani is the only Emirati housewife on the show. She is married twice, but both of her marriages ended in divorce.

Sara Al Madani is a motivational speaker. She has been a keynote speaker at more than 200 events in the UAE. As a mom, she puts her family first.

Caroline Stanbury

If you’re a fan of The Real Housewives of Dubai, then you’ve probably seen a lot about Caroline Stanbury. She’s been a big name on the show, and she’s definitely a fan of pink bathing suits. In fact, she has even launched a shoe collection with Black Suede Studio! But what exactly makes her so special?

For starters, she’s a philanthropist. Her commitment to helping others is evident, and she’s become a luxury brand ambassador. She also hosts a popular podcast, “Divorced Not Dead,” in which she dishes on all things related to dating. And she has a low threshold for B.S.

Of course, her life in the Middle East hasn’t been all glitz and glam. In fact, she and her husband Sergio Carrallo have been teasing their followers on social media with their Halloween costumes this year. They’ve also updated their fertility journey since RHODubai’s season one finale.

When it comes to her new role as a luxury brand ambassador, Stanbury is a woman of many talents. Not only does she have her own show, she’s also got a massive business empire to boot. Earlier this year, she launched her first shoe collection with Black Suede Studio, and she has more to come.

As for her role on RHODubai, she’s currently in New York filming the show’s first reunion with Andy Cohen. She’s also putting the finishing touches on her own house, which will be featured in the upcoming season. On top of that, she’s been a busy stylist.

One of the bigger buzzes this season has been the rumored relationship between Caroline and her husband, Sergio Carrallo. The pair first met in 2020, but it wasn’t until they were married in late 2021 that they made their official debut.

‘Real Housewives of London’ star Sergio Carrallo

If you’re a fan of Bravo’s reality TV show The Real Housewives of Dubai, you’ve probably heard of Caroline Stanbury. She’s one of the cast members, but has also had a bit of an offscreen life. Previously, she was married to Cem Habib, and now they’re divorced.

But besides her previous marriage, Caroline has another relationship. In July 2020, she and former professional soccer player Sergio Dawson announced their relationship. They are expecting a child. Their new puppy has been unveiled on Thursday.

While this is the first time the couple has made an official public appearance, it’s only the beginning of their journey to become parents. According to a source, they are waiting for their home renovations to be complete before they can have a baby.

Although Caroline and her husband haven’t given up hope of becoming pregnant, they aren’t looking to rush things. The couple has a viable embryo on ice, but they aren’t aiming to have a child this year.

However, they’ve been updating their fertility story since season one of RHODubai wrapped. They’ve dated for three years and got engaged in January 2021. Now, they’re waiting to have a child, and want to move in with Yasmine and her children.

The most important thing to know about the “Real Housewives of Dubai” star is that her husband is not only one of the stars, but he’s also a famous name. He’s a well-known businessman, as well as a former soccer star. So if you’re looking to start a family, you might be interested in this pair.

The biggest question is, will they make it? Watch the show to find out.

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Teaser trailer

The Real Housewives of Dubai is Bravo’s newest reality franchise, which premieres June 1st on the network. Featuring stars like Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, and Caroline Brooks, this is the first international iteration of the popular show.

The series follows a group of luxurious and socially elite women. They spend their days navigating the exclusive social scene in Dubai, where opulence is the norm. Their conversations and feuds are a reflection of the ultra-luxury lifestyles of the United Arab Emirates.

The new show is the latest in a string of spinoffs from the “Real Housewives” franchise. It is produced by Truly Original. As with the other shows in the franchise, the newest version will be available on Peacock, which is set to become an exclusive streaming service for the entire Bravo family of shows.

During Season 1 of the show, the cast faced serious drama. The women found themselves dealing with their past relationships, marriages, and personal struggles. Those stories will be addressed in the upcoming seasons of the series.

Meanwhile, the other cast members have been experiencing significant changes in their lives. Larsa Pippen has separated from her husband Scottie. Julia Lemigova is now openly gay. Alexia Echevarria has a new fiancee, and is still struggling with her past marriage.

Some of the other cast members include Caroline Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, and Sara Al Madani. These ladies are all known in the real estate and lifestyle world in Dubai.

While Bravo has not yet confirmed a specific premiere date, the network released a two-part teaser trailer for the show in April. Fans can get a first look at the cast at the following link.

The first reunion of the season airs Wednesday, August 31st at 9pm ET. This will be followed by part two on September 7th at 9pm ET.

The Real Housewives of Dubai Lipstick Alley


The real housewives of Dubai Lipstick Alley is a reality television show that follows the lives of five women living in the city. Each of the show’s cast members has an interesting story to tell. However, it’s the relationship between Nina Dobrev and Zoran Dobrev that really shines through.

Lesa Milan Hall

Lesa Milan Hall is one of the stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai. She is a former beauty pageant queen and now a successful fashion designer living in Dubai with her husband. They have three children together.

Before joining The Real Housewives of Dubai, Lesa lived a low-key life. She studied journalism at Florida Atlantic University and minored in fashion. When she got pregnant, she created her own maternity line called Mina Roe. This has become a popular maternity wear brand that is worn by many celebrities.

Lesa has also worked with Beyonce, Katy Perry and Serena Williams. But surprisingly, she has not revealed any details about her marriage. Her husband is a “greifer” and an entrepreneur who has made his fortune from snakeskin oil sales.

Lesa and Rich have been married for eight years. During that time, they have a house full of three sons. And they have managed a long-distance relationship for a year.

Lesa “Milan” Hall is a former beauty pageant queen who is now a devoted wife to financier Richard Hall. She has also become a mother to three boys. Their net worth is estimated at around $5 million.

Lesa and Rich are both devoted to their families. Despite their busy schedules, they have managed to make it work. Both of them are also personal friends of the other cast members.

Lesa Milan-Hall has been in Dubai for over eight years. She moved there after getting married. While she was expecting her first child, she started her own maternity wear line. She has since been endorsed by Gigi Hadid and is a favorite among celebrities.

In addition to her role on the Real Housewives of Dubai, she is also a co-founder of My Little Makers, an educational children’s brand that produces books, toys, and early development products. Also, she runs her own YouTube channel and blog.

Lesa’s husband, Richard Hall, is a real estate developer and financier. He is also a close friend of Olympian Usain Bolt. They met in Jamaica. They married in a ceremony in the Fountainbleu Hotel.

Nina Dobrev

The real life Nina Dobrev has a pretty good handle on the Axis of Happiness, but she’s still a star and not a bad person to have a good time with. She’s had a string of romps, but the most recent, including a month long stint in the Maldives, was the cherry on the cake. During her time in Dubai, she also rolled out the red carpet for a few friends and family, including her sexiest sibbling, the actress kool-a-moust. She’s also been seen out and about in the biz, and she’s been photographed on several occasions, notably, catching a smidgen of the draya sun.

Of course, she’s also been seen on the red carpet at the Oscars in Los Angeles, and she’s got a slew of red carpet weddings under her belt. She’s also been seen in the company of some mighty fine hunks and sexies, including the aforementioned Mr. Obligatory and a couple of her gal pals. And, while she’s been in town, she’s been spotted at a few parties, including the annual soiree at the Emirates hotel, where she snuck out for a little bit of R&R.

Caroline Stanbury

The Real Housewives of Dubai, which airs on Bravo, is a reality series that follows a group of women living in the city of Dubai. It is the first official international version of the “Real Housewives” format. This show features a mix of women from different walks of life.

While watching this show, it is hard to avoid noticing that many of the housewives are married. Whether they are married or not, these women are interacting with each other in ways that are not always a good look.

In the show’s second season, some of the ladies have started dating others. And there are a lot of rumors circulating about their relationships. One of the rumors is that Usain Bolt has been linked to Lesa Milan. Not much is known about this relationship, but it could be an indication that he is interested in growing his own wealth for his family.

There are also other rumored relationships that are not yet confirmed. For instance, Caroline Stanbury is married to a younger man named Sergio Carallo. They have three kids together and have been together for about two years. Their love story appears to be one of the reasons that the show is so popular.

Other than being the host of the show, Caroline is a successful real estate agent. She has her own company and dreams of opening an inclusive spa someday. As an Afro-Latina, she’s proud of being the first generation American.

On the flip side, it seems that she has a knack for throwing off a bad taste in the mouth. Her husband’s mistreatment of her hasn’t helped. He cheated on her numerous times, including with his wife. Interestingly, they also overate at restaurants, ate free room service, and took out several loans in Dubai.

Having said that, there are still some good women on this show. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Luckily, there are many more houses to watch on this show. You can tune into the new episodes on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Zoran Dobrev

If you’ve ever watched the Real Housewives of Dubai, you might have noticed that there are two black women on the show. One is Jen Shah, a former Ladies of London cast member, and the other is Ayan, a 5’7″ model. It turns out that the two women aren’t actually from the same country. They’re from a Lebonese nation, which is part Muslim and half Christian.

In fact, Nina Garcia, the show’s “Matrix” and one of the show’s original cast members, isn’t even from the same place as either of the other two. She grew up in Texas and is half Christian and half Catholic, but she also has a lot of Western leanings.

Nina is a liar. Her husband supposedly built everything, but she can’t keep up with the work. And she doesn’t take any allegations seriously. But she still gets invited to the casting director’s house.

But it’s a bit unclear whether the reunion will be in the US or in Dubai. As far as we know, the producers are shooting confessionals, but they don’t have a date yet. That means they aren’t sure if they’ll air them.

Meanwhile, Ayan has a very sweet, soulful personality. She was a model for Lesa before the show. At the time, she was referred to the casting director by several people. However, she didn’t have a car until she appeared on the show. So we’ll have to see how she handles her new situation.

Finally, if you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of Dubai, please vote for #RHODubai. You can do that by visiting the Bravo website. Remember, though, that the show will not return next year. So don’t wait until then to vote. The more votes you have, the better chance you have of winning a prize. Until then, have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully we’ll get more information about the cast! For now, we hope you enjoy these photos of the two black women! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates! We’ll be back with more info on the new season soon!

Kelly Dodd on the Real Housewives of Orange County


The Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has revealed a couple of interesting facts about herself. One of them involves her relationship with Windham-Burke. Another is her Latin lineage.

Kelly Dodd’s Latin lineage

Kelly Dodd is an American actress and reality television personality. She has appeared on several episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Her appearances on the show have made her a celebrity.

The 42-year-old Kelly Dodd is an attractive woman, with a great body. She stands 1.73 meters tall and weighs 141 pounds. Her bra size is 36B. As of 2019, she has a total net worth of $10 million US dollars.

Kelly Dodd has a history of controversy. In January of this year, she had a heated exchange with Bravo executive Andy Cohen. During the exchange, she called him an “anti-American” for not supporting Donald Trump. This prompted Tamra Judge to call for Bravo to cut ties with Dodd.

On December 4, 2017, Kelly Dodd’s ex-husband Michael J. Dodd and their daughter Jolie were welcomed together. Since their split, Kelly has dated FOX News anchor Rick Leventhal. But before their relationship ended, Kelly moved to Orange County, California with her husband. They resided in Newport Beach.

Kelly is a fiery Latina with unfiltered opinions. Her unapologetic comments have resulted in many people taking issue with her. Some have called her racist. However, Kelly claims she has personally experienced racism as a Mexican American.

When she first joined the Real Housewives of Orange County in Season 11, she shocked fans with an unexpected admission. The trailer showed her wearing a hat with the words “Drunk Wives Matter” on it. While she did not apologize for her comment, she did clarify the photo in Instagram Stories.

She has also been accused of mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. According to some, she was not a real Black person because she is Mexican. Rather, she was simply using ethnicity as a cover for her bad behavior.

It’s clear that Kelly is a polarizing figure in Orange County. Although she is part of a friendship group, she often butts heads with others. For example, she has been in an argument with Vicki Gunvalson.

Nevertheless, Kelly has never backed down from conflict. Her presence on the show has brought her an impressive fan base.

Kelly Dodd’s relationship with Windham-Burke

Kelly Dodd’s relationship with Braunwyn Windham-Burke on the Real Housewives of Orange County isn’t quite over yet. In fact, she has been throwing a few jabs at her former castmate on social media. But she says she will not return to the show for Season 16 if she’s replaced by Braunwyn.

While Windham-Burke has admitted to physically abusing her husband, Sean Burke, on more than one occasion, Kelly has been less than supportive of her former co-star. She’s even accused Vicki of setting up her ex-husband. And according to reports, she’s also been making controversial comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The two women were on the show for two seasons. However, after their most recent season ended, Bravo said they had been let go. It’s unclear who they’re replacing.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke came out as a lesbian in December 2020. Her husband, Sean, reportedly supports her decision. And in a candid interview with Page Six, she alleged that some of her castmates doubted her sexuality.

Meanwhile, Vicki’s boyfriend Michael has been dating Kelly since they met at an on-camera dinner. They were also posting about their relationship on Instagram in October 2021. That’s when Dodd dragged Windham-Burke’s name in a cryptic story.

There were also allegations of racist behavior by both cast members, including Kelly. As for the Coronavirus pandemic, Dodd made a few inaccurate claims. Nevertheless, she was criticized for her statements.

The next five years will be even better for Kelly. She’s already signed on to “Rick and Kelly Show” as the host. Besides, she’s got a new gig on The Walking Dead. So she’s looking forward to the future.

Earlier this year, Braunwyn Windham-Burke spoke with Page Six and gave her take on homophobia among the “RHOC” cast. But what she actually said was a little different than what Kelly and others had thought.

In addition to Windham-Burke, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and Heather Dubrow were also axed from the show. Both of those women were not asked to return for Season 16. Moreover, a spokesperson for Bravo confirmed the exits.

If you were a fan of Kelly Dodd’s on the Real Housewives of Orange County, you’re probably upset that she has left the show. At least she hasn’t gone out with Vicki.

Kelly Dodd’s transphobic quips in a Cameo video

Kelly Dodd is one of the most controversial characters in the Real Housewives of Orange County. The former glitzy heiress was the victim of a less than palatable firing last month. She was the first of three to go when Bravo announced that the “Scotty” and “Kirstie” tango was over. It’s a tough situation for a fanbase to handle, but fans of the show have gotten a little relief from the onslaught.

Among the most colorful cast members, Dodd has the dubious honor of being the most petty of the lot. She took a snide jab at Heather Dubrow’s son at the holidays and was not shy about claiming to have been the recipient of the COVID-19 in a New Year’s Eve party. Considering she was the most egregious of the three, it’s hard to blame her for putting her best foot forward.

It’s not surprising that Dodd was in the hot seat for much of the show’s two-year run. Her transgender comments were the stuff of legends and her alleged misdeeds made her the target of ridicule from all ends of the spectrum. After a few months of infighting and misogynistic sexism, she was removed from the fold.

While a few shady characters have made it through to the big time, it seems that the RHOC faithful have a new savior in the works. In addition to Dodd’s departure, the company tossed the baton to the sexiest of the bunch, Heather Dubrow. This is a major win for Bravo, as the aforementioned Dubrow snagged the highest ratings of the group, even outdoing her predecessor. If she can put up a good fight, she could be a formidable rival to the likes of Katie Malone and Kristin Cavallari.

There’s always next year. Fans of the RHOC can only hope that the next gen will have their best ye olde RHOC moments on display. As for Dodd, she’ll most likely find a new home on Bravo’s streaming service. The most important thing is that her fans won’t have to endure the wrath of her naughty ways for much longer.

Kelly Dodd’s exit from the Bravo series

Kelly Dodd will no longer be a part of Bravo’s reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County. A spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement.

During her time on the show, Kelly made some controversial comments. She was accused of being insensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement. And she had some insensitive remarks about the Coronavirus-19 pandemic. These comments ignited social media outrage.

Fans of the show were upset that Kelly had these comments. Some called her to task, while others said it was time for her to leave.

The producer for The Real Housewives of Orange County responded to Dodd’s comments by saying that Bravo was taking a different direction and that she was leaving. However, Dodd said she was blindsided by this move.

Despite her departure, Dodd has hinted at some new projects with her husband Rick Leventhal. They have even started a podcast. It’s unclear whether or not this will lead to a new series.

In addition to the comments about the coronavirus, Dodd has been accused of making insensitive comments about racial tensions in the U.S. during an on-camera dinner. She also claimed that the deaths of Covid disease victims were a part of God’s plan.

However, Dodd later retracted these statements and apologized. Many fans have voiced their opinions on her Facebook page, calling her statements offensive. Other fans have criticized her for wearing a hat that pokes fun at the Black Lives Matter movement.

Several other housewives have also been criticized for their comments. Tamra Judge was a part of the series during its first three seasons, but was eliminated by Bravo in the fifth season. Others have been arrested for drug possession.

Despite the controversy, fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County continue to watch. Eventually, Bravo will re-engage with Heather Dubrow, who was reinstated on the show last year. Her return is set to begin in 2017.

Until then, we will continue to follow the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Watch the series on Wednesdays at 9/8c. Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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