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Norna empowers businesses with converting trillions of data points into an easy to use application. Gain a competitive edge in today’s disruptive landscape within seconds

Meet norna

Harness the power of AI and data science

Norna Analytics is an intutive, AI-driven analytics
tool that tracks, collects and harmonizes millions
of information and data points across the globe
in real-time. Norna finds and reveals actionable
insights of outstanding accuracy supportinging
businesses to overcome hidden barriers.


Gross profit

Norna’s clients have
improved their gross profit after implementation of our analytics within the first year.


Saved hours

Norna users reduce on average
37% of time spend on manual
price and product benchmarking.


Ideal assortment and pricing

85% of our clients notice
improvements in their assortment and pricing strategies already two
months after using Norna analytics.


Relevant insights at your fingertips

Norna Analytics is an AI driven tool that tracks, collects and harmonizes millions of products and data points across the globe in real-time

Fashion Analytics

Trade faster, protect margins. optimize asstortments.

Finance analytics

We revolutionize the way businesses operate with data. We harness

    Norna Analytics helped us to benchmark price, position, and assortment before launching on a new market, it saved us from a costly trial and error approach.

    – Product Manager European Omnichannel Premium Lifestyle Brand

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