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How can we utilize the tool to allow site visitors to read reviews on our site? For example - a section on product detail pages.

One2Five can provide you with Reviews & Ratings content in multiple forms, for example:

– html snippets, to inject into your website code directly
– tailored data-streams via API
– feed exports for automated pick-up

Theoretically, you can utilize this content anywhere on your website. Best practice is to have them clearly visible as a subsection on product detail pages, with the full review available. But it should be thought through what other places it makes sense to leverage on reviews on your website, bearing in mind you don’t always have to display the full review data. After reviewing your website, two examples of where you can display overall rating to facilitate click-through conversion are:

1. On your main page e.g. in the “Upptäck sortimentet” you could have the overall star rating included so people already gather an impression at first glance.
2. Your compare products pages, it would be of added value to display the overall star rating here as well to inform purchasing decisions.

What design possibilities do you provide for customizing the look and feel of the ratings and reviews section to our brand guidelines and the look and feel of our website?

Utilizing our API solution, look and feel of the content display lies completely in your hands. We can customize our ratings & reviews assets based on your CI and requirements. For each of your brands a tailored look and feel of the section is possible. Moreover, we can also adjust the sub-ratings per brand, industry, and product type. 

What filtering and sorting possiblities can be enabled for the ratings and reviews section on our website? For example star rating, place of purchase, product etc.

The data you will receive offers a multitude of possible options for filtering and sorting, depending on the data that is made available during submission. To name some:
– Star rating
– Review source
– Product
– Category
– Badges (e.g. “incentivized”, “verified purchase”, ..)
– Helpfulness
– Recommendation
We can enable all types of desired filter and sorting functions as long as the underlying review data is collected. Commonly used but not limited to it are following options: top reviews, latest reviews, star rating, sub ratings, verified purchase, text /image/ video, location, review helpful, product recommended, open search.

Is it possible for a site visitor to share a review with someone else?

Yes, via a share button the link to the product page / review can be shared.

Can site visitors report reviews?

Yes, via a report button. Reviews can be flagged as “unhelpful” and “inappropriate”.

What possibilities do site visitors have to create their review? For example text, star rating, image, video, links.

The inputs we commonly include for giving a review are as follows:
1. Overall rating stars 1-5
2. Sub ratings stars 1-5 (which can also be adapted to each product category)
3. Review title
4. Review text
5. Review display name (nickname)
6. File upload, images, videos, pdfs.
7. Product recommended
Regarding links, users can add links in their review text, but under our current moderation guideline if the link leads away from your sites, these will be rejected. If this is something you would like to allow however, it can be considered.
If further review data is wanted we can adjust the sumbission form to your needs and ad critieria such as age, place, gender, top.

Can the reviewer rate the product/service on different attributes? Such as price, design, performance etc.

As default we offer 3 sub ratings in addition to the overall rating. These sub ratings can be dynamic and tailored to each product category if requested. If more than 3 sub ratings are needed, we can add more.

Can the reviewer revisit and edit their own review after it's been published?

If a review is rejected due to certain moderation standards the reviewer has the options to edit the review during the moderation process. To request changes after publishing the reviewer needs to contact us. This is to manage risks and to avoid content manipulation.

What personal information can the reviewer leave? And what do they have to leave in order for the review to be approved?

In most of the cases the only personal information stored by us is the email address. If requested we can request further information such as age, gender, location.

What options do we have for gathering consent when the site visitor is leaving the review? For example to store and use the review content and personal info for UGC marketing, email marketing and similar.

Integration with the One2Five API gives you full flexibility for the design of the review submission form. As part of this, you can display your own Terms & Conditions on review submission and also include additional conditions, such as opt ins for marketing activation.

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