Customers & site visitors

Discusses topics related to the review experience of customers when visiting your website: appearance, features, display, and submission.


Sourcing reviews

Outlines methods or strategies for collecting reviews from customers, such as encouraging feedback post-purchase.


Analytics & insights

FAQ on methods to analyze review data for deeper insights that can inform business strategies and drive growth.


Moderating and managing reviews

This section covers the tools for moderating reviews, with options for design, filtering, sorting, and sharing reviews on social media.


Personal data

Describes the ability to customize the look and feel of reviews to match your site, ensuring a seamless user experience while respecting personal data and privacy standards.


Support & services

Read about the range of customer support options available, from troubleshooting to extended services.


Education & training

Explains the different levels of support and training offered, tailored to fit the service plan selected by the business, and how these can be accessed.


Rollout & implementation

Examine the step-by-step process for implementing review management services or integrating the review software into your existing systems.


Onboarding experience

Steps new clients and users can expect when they start using the review management service, including setting up their review management platform, their accounts and familiarizing themselves with the review software.


Maintenance & upgrades

This section will answer questions related to ongoing platform maintenance and the process for releasing and implementing new features or upgrades.


Contract & terms

Information on the legal terms, conditions, and contracts that govern the use of the review management software and services, outlining rights and responsibilities.


Other questions

This section is a catch-all for FAQs that don’t naturally fit into the other predefined categories but are still relevant to users.

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