Support & Services

What type of customer support do you offer?

We offer personal customer support, with our dedicated Global Account Manager, Senior Project Manager and Technical Lead being available according to client needs. Clients have dedicated resources to ensure a consistent overview on all account topics.

What are the support hours and methods (phone, email, chat, etc.)?

The level of support & contact is determined by the client and their needs, with some we have weekly calls, others monthly. Usually, during implementation we have regular check-in calls to update on progress and discuss open topics. After implementation, the level of regular contact is determined in conjunction with the client.

For support topics, we have a service desk implementation which clients can raise a ticket on via support link or email. This system helps us to keep track and ensure accountability on all topics. Our service desk is staffed by your One2Five account team, so you will always receive a knowledgeable and personal answer. However, your account team is always contactable via email and phone as well.

Do you provide dedicated account managers or support representatives?

Yes, you will have both a dedicated Account Manager, Senior Project Manager & Technical Lead.

Are there additional costs for ongoing support or is it included in the package?

We include general account and technical support within our package, it is priced out clearly in our proposals for clarity.

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