Make Review Management a piece of cake

One2five Review management

Generate reviews in unlimited ways and always-on. Invite your customers to submit reviews in the most user-friendly way. Publish the reviews effortlessly and fully automated on every touch point along the customer journey.

One2five Review management

Our software features

Our review management software simplifies online reputation management with multi-platform monitoring, advanced analytics, and automated review requests.


One2Five collects ratings & reviews and user-generated content from all touchpoints including e-mail, websites, SMS, in-store, social media and more.


Our advanced AI- supported ratings and reviews software ensures authenticity, compliance and quality content. Our powerful moderation features support all languages. Free up time and resources for more valuable tasks.


Maximize volume and impact: aggregate reviews on product similarities. Translate and display reviews across multiple markets. Syndicate content with retail partners. All in one platform.

Publishing and Connectivity

Display reviews and UGC on your website, on search engines, Google Shopping, on retailer platforms, influencer pages and social media. Our easy integration makes it possible.

Video and Picture Reviews

Collect and moderate video and picture reviews easily from your customers. With our platform, you can request video and picture reviews, collect them in one place, and easily moderate them before publishing.

Consumer Engagement

Use the review commenting feature that allows you to respond to customer reviews on your website. You can easily and quickly respond to customer reviews within the review platform, whether they are positive or negative

Ratings & Reviews the holisitc way

One2five Review management

Be creative

Collect reviews at as many touch points as possible to generate the right volume of authentic content. Utilize website, mail, SMS, social media, apps, sampling, events or any other channel.

Be smart

Amplify the content through translation of reviews, product grouping, and syndication to boost the volume while keeping review creation costs low.

Be everywhere

Publish reviews along the shopper journeys making them accessible to consumers. Show your reviews on Google, your own website, on social media, on e-tailer platforms, or events. Be everywhere.

We can utilize all consumer touchpoints

Our technical solutions cover all stages of the consumer journey. We can promote and execute content collection within all phases: pre-, at- and post-purchase. The same applies for the display of Rating & Reviews.

Product sampling &seeding


White-labels and iframes

Microsites & Landing Pages

Connected appliances

Technicians & Service Teams




Experiential reviews

Incentivized campains

Incentivized campains

One2five Review management

Review Generation

One2five Review management

Utilize all your consumer touch points. Our technical solutions cover all stages and channels of the shopper journey. We can promote and execute review collection nearly everywhere. Collect star ratings, text reviews, picture and video reviews at any stage of the customer journey.

Review Management

We collect and store data according to state-of-the-art security standards. Our technology detects fraud attempts. Our authenticity team and processes ensure authentic and trustworthy review content. 

We apply both AI technology and human moderators to ensure credible ratings and reviews. Our infrastructure and moderation service is available for all markets and languages.

One2five Review management
One2five Review amplification

Review Amplification

One2five Review amplification

Our technology makes it possible to show customer reviews in more than one place at the same time. You can publish the same reviews for the same or similar products  across multiple websites, locations, and countries. Build product groups to show reviews across similar products. Use translation features to display reviews across the globe. Distribute and syndicate reviews with your network with our APIs or even connect with Flixmedia. All measures to increase coverage and decrease the cost-per-review. 

Showcase your Reviews

One2five Review management

Ratings & Reviews drive awareness, consideration, desire, and sales. To optimize results, reviews need to be displayed on as many touch points as possible. With our solution your reviews can be published across all channels: Google, Facebook, your category and product pages, comparison sites, and on platforms of your network. 

Our widgets guarantee maximum user experience. We offer all kinds of functionalities to search, sort and filter the ratings and reviews. 

One2five Review management
Use Reviews to increase visibility and traffic
One2five Review management

Rich snippets with star ratings can improve your search engine rankings and click-through rates by providing users with more information about your web page before they even click on it. To display rich snippets with star ratings, you need to add structured data markup to your website using markup for ratings.

One2five Review management

To increase your sales and website traffic, consider displaying your reviews on your Google Shopping Listing Ads. By showcasing your reviews, you can provide social proof to potential customers, and increase their trust in your products or services. This can result in higher click-through rates and ultimately more sales.

One2five Review management

If you want to increase your website traffic and sales, consider displaying your reviews on your Bing Shopping Listing Ads. Doing so can help build trust with potential customers by providing social proof of your product or service quality. This can result in higher click-through rates and ultimately more sales.

Data Analytics and Insights

One2five Review management

Our solution is equipped with advanced analytics and reporting functions for data-driven decisions the intuitive way. KPI-based performance tracking enables you to find the actionable insights you need to continuously improve. For example:

One2five Review management

Connect One2Five to your favorite tools

Utilize our integration possibilities to connect and sync seamlessly your review data with apps and programs that you might use. Connect with your ecommerce softwares, mailing solutions, marketing tools, and social media accounts.

Looking for a strategic concept or technical solution to improve your brand’s trust, social proof, SEO, and conversion rates?

One2Five offers you advisory and tools maximizing the results of ratings & review and UGC.
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