Rollout & Implementation

What does the implementation process look like? How long does it typically take?

The implementation process is designed to be tailored to individual client needs. We take the requirements and plan every step of the process with the client. Implementations can further be flexible if there is a need for having some features faster and others later, we also take this to the planning. Once requirements and priorities are clear, a timeline is agreed upon.

Without knowing the type of implementation, the client’s needs and availability it is difficult to estimate the duration of an implementation. To give some reference a standard API implementation on websites can be achieved within 1-2 sprints each 2 weeks. If it is several markets, we usually recommend working iteratively. Once the first implementation is done multiple implementations can be executed simultaneously.

Will there be dedicated assistance during the rollout and implementation phase?

Yes, you there is the possibility to get a dedicated Project Manager and Technical Lead to support you and your team throughout the process. Additionally, our developer team consisting among others of solution architects, requirements manager, frontend and backend developers, and testers is at your disposal.

Do you provide guidance or best practices for integrating the tool with our existing systems or platforms?

Yes, our Technical Lead will align on any requirements for integrating with existing systems.

What kind of resources or support do you offer to ensure a smooth transition for our team?

Our strongest resource for ensuring the smooth transition is our people, we have a team which is dedicated to you and will be there from contract work all the way through onboarding and beyond. Our team includes various roles and skills including solution architect, requirements manager, frontend and backend developer, UX & UI designer, and tester. Additionally, for the technical side we provide detailed documentation.

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