The Psychology Behind Ecommerce Reviews: What Motivates Customers to Leave Feedback?

The Psychology Behind Ecommerce Reviews

Have you ever scrolled through an online product and seen a bunch of comments and stars? Those are called reviews. Let’s dive deep into understanding why some shoppers take the time to write down their feelings and opinions after buying something online.

1. Following the Trend (Joining the Crowd):

Imagine you’re in school, and everyone is talking about a new game or movie. Naturally, you might want to join in and share your thoughts too. Reviews work similarly. When people see many reviews on a product, they might think, “I should share my experience too!” Some people might have found past reviews helpful when they were shopping. So, when they buy something, they return the favor by writing their own review to help future shoppers.

2. Expressing Emotions (Sharing Feelings):

Ever had a day so good or bad that you just had to tell someone about it? Products can make people feel that way too. If someone buys a gadget that doesn’t work or a dress that looks fabulous on them, they might want to share their joy or disappointment. Writing a review becomes their way of letting those feelings out.

3. Being the Expert (Showing Knowledge):

We all have that one friend who’s great at giving advice about tech stuff or fashion. Some people love to show that they’re experts in certain areas. Writing detailed reviews on products is their way of saying, “Look, I know a lot about this, and here’s what I think.” It’s like their way of helping and also showing off a bit.

4. Perks and Goodies (Getting Rewards):

Some online shops are smart. They tell shoppers, “Hey, if you write a review, we might give you a discount next time.” Who doesn’t love discounts or free things? So, many people write reviews to get these little bonuses.

5. Being the Helpful Friend (Guiding Others):

Remember how good it feels when someone helps you? Some people genuinely enjoy guiding others. They remember their own confusion while shopping and think, “I wish someone advised me about this.” So they write reviews, hoping to be that helpful friend to someone else, guiding them to make the right choice.

6. Supporting Their Favorites (Loving the Brand):

Imagine you have a favorite ice cream shop. You might tell everyone how great it is. Similarly, some people love certain online shops or brands so much that they want to shout out loud about it. Writing a glowing review is their way of showing support.

7. Completing the Journey (Wrapping It Up):

Buying something online can be a journey: searching, comparing, and finally deciding. Once they have used the product, writing about it is like putting a full stop to their story. It feels satisfying, like ending a journey on a good note.

8. Hoping for Change (Feedback for Better Products):

Not all reviews are about praise. Sometimes, people get products they don’t like. But instead of just being upset, they hope the company might read their review and think, “We should do better.” Writing feedback becomes their way of asking for improvement.

How E-commerce Owners Can Encourage More Reviews:

1. Rewards System:

The Concept: Think about those stamp cards you get at cafes. Get a stamp for each coffee, and the tenth one is free. Translating this to e-commerce, incentivize reviews with points or discounts.

Action Steps: Launch a loyalty program where customers gather points for each review. These points can lead to discounts, special offers, or even exclusive products. This strategy not only encourages reviews but can also boost repeat purchases.

2. Easy Review Process:

The Concept: People like simplicity. If writing a review feels like filling out a long form, many might skip it.

Action Steps: Streamline the review process. Consider prompts like rating scales, checkboxes, or drop-down options. Also, a post-purchase email with a direct link to the review section can make the process a breeze for customers.

3. Engage with the Reviewers:

The Concept: Nobody likes to feel ignored. By responding to reviews, you show customers their opinions matter.

Action Steps: Allocate time or assign a team member to reply to reviews regularly. For positive reviews, a simple thank you can go a long way. For criticisms, acknowledge the feedback and suggest solutions or improvements.

4. Showcase Reviews:

The Concept: When customers see other shoppers sharing experiences, they may be inspired to contribute too.

Action Steps: Display reviews prominently on product pages, perhaps with a rotating widget. Also, consider having a “Review of the Month” or similar features to highlight in-depth feedback.

5. Encourage Photo Reviews:

The Concept: A picture speaks a thousand words. Visual reviews can often be more convincing than text.

Action Steps: Allow and encourage users to upload photos with their reviews. Provide an easy-to-use interface and perhaps extra loyalty points for photo reviews to motivate users.

6. Request Feedback:

The Concept: Sometimes, customers just need a gentle reminder.

Action Steps: Implement post-purchase emails or push notifications (without being spammy) to remind customers to review their recent purchases.

7. Address Negative Reviews:

The Concept: Every criticism is an opportunity to improve.

Action Steps: Instead of shying away from negative reviews, address them head-on. Offer solutions, replace defective items, or suggest alternatives. When potential customers see you handle criticism well, they trust you more.

8. Share Reviews on Social Media:

The Concept: Public recognition can be a strong motivator.

Action Steps: With the reviewer’s permission, share stellar reviews on your social media platforms. This not only values the reviewer but also encourages others to share their feedback.

Lastly, if all this feels overwhelming, or you’re unsure where to start, consider seeking external expertise. One2five Review Experts specialize in guiding e-commerce businesses to enhance their review strategies. From consultation to hands-on solutions, they are the one-stop solution for businesses looking to elevate their customer feedback game.

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